Wednesday, June 8, 2016

'MANCHETE' Illustrated magazine

Angela Maria on the cover of Manchete - November 1956; Sao Paulo mayor Janio Quadros 30 Oct 1954.
Angela Maria ruled in 1956.
14 June 1958 Norma Benguel; March 1960 Gilda Lopes who would become a major star in 1962.
Norma Benguel was Brazil's answer to Brigitte Bardott.
April 1962 - President João Goulart goes to Washington; 30 March 1963 transgender Coccinelle transfix Brazilians.
February 1963 Rhonda Fleming films on location in Rio; April 1963 Norma Benguel in Hollywood. 

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  1. Norma Benguel, uma das mais belas e gostosas atrizes brasileiras!